I love Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, gimme all of it

yule wreathI love the cozy, the warmth of blankets and hot chocolates, and snuggles, and candles. I love the bare trees, the Christmas trees, the lights, the yule log, the sparkling snow. I love it a whole lot. I think this time means many different things to many different people. For some it’s black friday shopping, closets full of toys, FUDGE, turkey, religion, family. For me, it’s a mix of things, no religion, but lots of my little family, lots of food and cuddles….some hoping the pipes don’t freeze on those especially bitter nights. But lots of love to go around.

Wish you all a merry, happy, joyous whatever it is for you.

PS here’s my wreath design in my shop. 

Tis the season …for pumpkin pie

Yes, there is a season for pumpkin pie. My husband would eat it in the middle of July in 90+ degree weather without a care – but that’s just wrong. It’s like eggnog, sure some stores might have it in the middle of summer, but you don’t drink egg nog in the middle of summer – and you don’t eat pumpkin pie in july.

Now that pumpkin spice everything season is upon us we can do the pie weekly. I will most likely only eat it on thanksgiving and christmas as too much of anything is no good for you babe. Gotta keep pumpkin pie season sacred and special.

Source: T-Shirts, Tis the season for pumpkin pie shirt | TeePublic

In Pizza we Crust, hey it’s pizza day

It’s Pizza day Thursday, November 12, well actually it’s National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day. Close enough! I made a pizza, because inspiration is everywhere.

I love olives, black and green, I love onions, green peppers, pepperonis and cheese on my pizza, but I’m not too picky about it. You can always pick it off afterall. My husband and son prefer hawaiian, which I am OK with but sometimes I just want the deluxe! Time for me to make the dough. Side note: cast iron skillets are freakin’ awesome.

PS I made a Sticker at stickermule! In Pizza we CRUST sticker.

Black Raspberry Merlot

Black Raspberry MerlotThis is another label  created for my father’s homemade Black Raspberry Merlot. Name withheld to protect the guilty. I’m really having so much fun with the wine labels.

The leftover black raspberries were put into my illustration shop where you can buy home decor and even wine charms and bags featuring the black raspberries in this image. HERE.

Pomegranate Zinfandel

Pomegranate ZinfandelThis is the first of what I hope becomes many wine labels I am creating for my Dad’s homemade wine, in exchange for …….WINE of course! I don’t work for free. I’ve never eaten a pomegranate before, but I’ll drink the wine for sure. Maybe I’ll buy some this week.

The leftover pomegranate’s are in my illustration shop here you can buy them on home decor including knobs and even shower curtains.

Mermaids Against Misogyny at Feminist Apparel

I am proud to have a some of my designs featured at feministapparel.com – A feminist designers collective – also a non-profit –all profits go to raising awareness on feminist issues in many ways – follow their instagram and tumblr pages for more info and check out their many, many amazing feminist themed t-shirts.
Our designs are printed direct-to-garment and on-demand as your orders are received. View our sizing chart here: www.feministappare

Source: Mermaids Against Misogyny — Women’s T-Shirt – Feminist Apparel


Autumn is in full effect and in Michigan it’s an amazing time to take pictures. Anyone, myself included can feel like a professional photographer with a bit of fall foliage to help us along. It’s one of those things that I think about when I considering moving away – I’d miss the amazing autumnal scenes of Michigan, and that would suck (but I could do without what’s coming…the long winter and string of illnesses brought on by school)

Maybe someday I’ll be wealthy enough to live in the south for part of the year and north for summer and autumn. *someday*

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