march24 094When spring cleaning out closets I stumbled upon art I forgot that I even still owned. I will definitely be framing Ave Maria. The others I ma put up for sale in my etsy shop.



red belly dancer artIt’s been a long time coming. After a bit of a break I’m drawing again, I have the bug. Finished with Ember, the toasty new belly dancer in my collection. You can find prints and miscellaneous products of Ember in my belly dancer art shop.

New Art

lots of belly dance and other art

I’m finally working on new art. Lately I’ve been painting reaper and anima tactics miniatures as a creative outlet and I just needed a small break from that, so here’s more art I’m working on.

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Peek-a-boo I see you. She’s my تجربة my experiment! (Continue reading to see the finished art!)

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This one was done on a 4″x6″ block paper. Which is a type of watercolor I didn’t even know about before and it’s pretty amazing. No more stretching and taping for me!

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